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“Engine House”



The standing engine house puzzle is handmade, combining fretwork and woodturning in a unique way. Each puzzle is oiled and finished to a high standard.
Approx. size 135mm. x 60mm. x 19mm. and comes in different woods.The hardwoods used have been grown in Cornwall.
From an era of tin mining the engine house is seen as an important symbol to Cornwall. These evocative buildings housed the powerful beam engines used for pumping water from the mine.

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The lizard offers great amusement beyond just being a puzzle. It is also animated as one moves it from side to side and amazingly it can be lifted off a surface! To lift the lizard safely pick him up horizontally by his HEAD. If you attempt to grasp him by his tail it will break off and the lizard will avoid capture. Approx. size 150mm. x 60mm x 12mm and comes in different woods.

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“Melting Pot”


A pen holder with a surrounding puzzle that stays together even when the pot is lifted by the rim. This is made possible by the central section having tapered cuts. As it is lifted up it locks the surrounding pieces. It becomes a puzzle if turned upside down. Approx. diameter. 100mm. and comes in different woods.

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